The Cheap UK Fake Rolex Submariner In 2020: What’s Actually Changed?

Rolex replica had everyone on the edge of their seats this September when the brand released a thoroughly revamped lineup of Submariners. While many of the “Introducing” and “Hands-on” headlines were solely focused on the new colorways and slightly upsized proportions of the iconic tool watch, numerous changes and upgrades were hiding in plain sight.

Thanks to the team at Rolex USA, Watchonista was able to experience some quality time with a selection of pieces from the new Submariner 41mm collection. We were provided with three examples, the stainless steel case fake Rolex Submariner ref. 124060 (Oystersteel) no-date, the steel-case with green bezel Submariner date ref. 126610LV, and finally, the Submariner date in white gold with blue bezel ref. 126619LB.
Case Size Changes
One of the key talking points in the updated Submariner collection is its case size. When Rolex first released its Cerachrome (ceramic) bezel Submariner in 2010, the ref. 116610 Submariner Date, the brand kept the 40mm case size of its predecessor, the ref. 16610 Submariner. This trend continued with the 114060 no-date variant, released in 2012.
For 2020, Rolex has taken the entire Submariner collection and upsized it ever so slightly to 41mm. And while this marginal increase in size isn’t groundbreaking, it does go a long way in improving the Swiss automatic movement replica Rolex Submariner design and comfort. Why is that, you say?
It’s All About The Lugs
The previous iterations of the ref. 116610 and ref. 114060 models both featured Rolex’s “maxi” style case with broad lugs and a robust tool-watch feel. With the 2020 versions, Rolex has chosen to focus many of its design improvements on the lugs to increase wearability.
And though the steel bracelet replica Rolex Submariner may have gone up in size by 1mm, the lugs have been slimmed down by almost the same amount. Based on our measurements, these slimmer lugs account for a 0.8 decrease in overall length. They are essentially going from 27.5mm in length to 26.7mm. Furthermore, Rolex has added extra tapering to the lugs, which lends itself to a more comfortable fit on various wrist sizes.

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