Glashütte Original Pavonina Replica Watch UK With White Gold Case For Stylish Women

The collection Pavonina of Glashütte Original has been created to pay tribute to contemporary women. The unique pillow-shaped case could date back to 1920s. Added with the innovative design by the designers of the luxury watch brand, the classic models are more in line with the aesthetic standard of contemporary women. I have to say the delicate fake Glashütte Original is a good choice for modern ladies.

Sophisticated dial

The diamonds paved case and dial present the high level of craftsmanship.
Diamonds Paved Case Replica Glashütte Original

The watchmaker with rich experience creates the sophisticated dial with complicated process, which could be considered as the precious and glorious art work. The dial has been engraved with many shiny diamonds, adding a feminine touch to the model perfectly. In addition to the brilliant visual effect, it also presents the elegance and outstanding craftsmanship of this Glashütte Original Pavonina copy with “radiant orchid” satin strap.

Reliable movement

The color of the strap adds a feminine touch to the model which is suitable for modern women.
Luxury Imitation Glashütte Original Pavonina Watch

The knockoff watch with mother-of-pearl dial has been driven by calibre 03-01, which is entirely developed and manufactured by the brand. It has combined the precision and comfort level well, pursuing the extreme sophistication like other models of the brand, inheriting the essence of the German watchmaking tradition.

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