Diving Rex – An Original Owner of the uk fake Rolex Comex coming up for auction at Phillips Hong Kong Watch Sale XII

What is it that makes people collect watches? What is it that makes a replica watch collectible? There are no right or wrong answers to either question and one man’s junk is another man’s treasure; never is a truer word said when it comes to wristwatches. I use the term junk carefully, but often watches were simply cast aside as retired tools-of-the-trade by some professionals, ‘tools’ that can now be worth small fortunes! This is particularly the case when it comes to dive watches and especially those made by Rolex. The two most famous professional applications for the Swiss movement fake Rolex Submariner was its being issued to the British MOD and to divers employed by Comex.
Compagnie Maritime d’Expertises (Comex) was established in the 1960s and is still regarded as one of the leading commercial diving companies. As well as offering commercial diving solutions to different sectors, they have always been at the forefront of setting new diving records. Comex founder, Henri Germain Delauze, forged a long-standing relationship with Rolex having been impressed with the Sea-Dweller’s capability at record depths. This relationship led to Rolex commissioning Comex to develop and manufacture a hyperbaric tank that can simulate the conditions of extreme depths in which Rolex can test its watches. In 2008 Rolex released the Deepsea Sea-Dweller, which is depth-rated to 3900 metres. The Comex-manufactured tank is used to test each of the Deepsea Sea-Dwellers produced.

Rex Whistler
I was introduced to Rex Whistler through his son, himself a friend of Revolution founder Wei Koh. Rex and I both live in the North of the UK and over a few conversations I learnt of his work with Comex and the fact that he was issued a watch to use during his time with the company. Fast forward a few months and that watch is now in the upcoming Phillips Hong Kong Watch Sale XII. The watch in question is a Comex issued Rolex Submariner reference 5513 copy online that is equipped with a helium escape valve. The watch has been with Rex since he was given it in 1972, but the time has come for him to let it go, having been sitting in a safe for the best part of the last decade. Rex explains, “A while ago, my son made me aware that these old Rolex Subs are getting more and more valuable. Whilst it holds a wealth of memories for me of my time working all over the world as a commercial diver, I haven’t worn it for some time now for fear of losing it or damaging it in some way.”
A Life Aquatic
Rex Whistler was a career diver who prior to Comex, worked with Risdon Beazley as a diver and engineer working in salvage operations. Diving was not something unusual to the family, as Rex’s wife’s grandfather had been a diver, amazingly also at Risdon Beazley. Rex initially learnt to dive with the BASC, as an amateur diver in order to further his interest in underwater archeology. “I worked with a group that was excavating the Mary Ross in Portsmouth harbour. The work involved using underwater suction dredgers to remove mud and silt from what remained of the Henry VIII warship which seemed like a pretty good experience.”

He joined Risdon Beazley Marine in 1970 and at the time Risdon’s were engaged in salvage of war wreckage from sunken ships, the primary means of salvaging being a Hydraulic grab directed by divers to recover ordinance and coal, which were in short supply at that time. Says Rex, “The Diving dress was a Siebe Gorman hard hat, which was an interesting introduction to a diving career!” He joined Comex as a Diver in Spring 1973 at the age of 24 and attended a 3 months training course at COMEX in Marseilles where he was taught bell diving, technical skills, familiarity with the systems, diving equipment and physiology of diving. Rex continues, “After qualifying I worked primarily in the North Sea UK sector, Norway and the West Indies. I later returned to COMEX Marseilles for further training as a Superintendent and Caisson Master. I was present at the latter end of a series of trial dives to depths of up to 610M using Oxy/Helium to monitor physical and mental changes and HPNS (high pressure nervous syndrome) during saturation and to test decompression tables for commercial use. I was part of the team supporting some of these trials and participated in some of the dives testing decompression tables.”
Comex had a large presence in the North Sea and it was here that Rex Whistler spent a good amount of his career. “During my time with COMEX I initially worked with a small team in support of drilling operations in depths up to 160m in the North Sea and Norway. I then moved to saturation work for construction projects. As the North Sea moved quickly into the new construction phase there was a need for working at depth for extended periods. This required both new equipment and the use of ‘saturation’ as a means to maintain teams of divers at depth for up to 30 days (legal limit in UK waters at the time), followed by a single decompression in the surface diving complex. The saturation systems consist of a number of living chambers, a ‘wet’ transfer chamber, and a diving bell. Equipment rapidly developed with the innovation of hot-water suits and much improved breathing equipment such as the Kirby Morgan masks/helmets. Particularly the move to operating from a DSV (diving support vessel) using DP (dynamic positioning) to maintain position over the worksite which created a new set of challenges, particularly the safety of divers if the vessel should experience a DP runoff, which was not uncommon.”

Life After Comex
Rex left COMEX in 1978 to join Prodive Ltd as Training Director responsible for running UK government approved commercial diving courses providing training for North Sea divers. He co-authored the “Commercial Diving Manual”, published by David & Charles. It became the standard textbook for commercial diving training in the UK which is still in use today and is in its third edition. Following this, Rex joined Oceaneering in 1981 as Vehicles Manager responsible for the atmospheric “JIM” suit and ROV’s. “I returned to COMEX/Wharton Williams Taylor as Project manager in 1983 and was appointed Operations Manager of Wilhelmson Underwater engineering Norway (joint venture with Wilhelmson shipping and COMEX/2W). I moved on in 2001 to Conoco/Phillips in Norway and South East Asia over a period of 12 years working on offshore oil and gas projects.” Rex retired in 2012 and now lives in North Yorkshire.

The Sub
The watch has been well looked after, like any piece of equipment that a diver would use. “When we were first given the watches, we were required to return them to Rolex for inspection each year, but by the late 70’s this stopped, and I had the watch serviced myself about every 10 years thereafter. I have been wearing the watch pretty much all the time since 1972. The original bracelet was very weak and was not fit for purpose (referring to the original folded link Oyster bracelet). For a long time, many divers used a grey UK Navy ‘clearance diver’ strap which could be expanded.”
The stainless steel bracelet replica Rolex Submariner 5513 is one of approximately 250 Submariners that were given to divers by Comex between 1971 and 1973. The watch consigned by Rex has both the Rolex and Comex engravings on the caseback as well as the issue number, 240. Far from being a watch that he wore on dry land at the bar or when out for dinner, it was a watch that he wore when undertaking diving duties and when in saturation. “I was given the watch in around 1972. I used the watch for most of my diving career, particularly in saturation. The watch was first used during work in COMEX Marseilles to develop deep diving decompression tables. The exposure to a Helium environment during decompression required the gas to escape otherwise the watch crystal would explode and pop off the watch, as it was not possible to seal the watch.”
So there is it. An interesting watch, from an interesting original owner with a fascinating story. With something of a surge in interest in Comex Rolex super clone watches recently, I’m sure this old Sub will perform well at auction.

Hands-On With The AAA Perfect Replica Rolex Submariner Date 126613LN Dive Watch UK

Last year, Rolex surprised us with a sudden novelty drop. While cynicism surrounding the Crown and its supply chain (or lack thereof) exists, the new designs were themselves rather neat. The Oyster Perpetual models brought us color and class, while the new Submariner brought us the kind of evolution the brand is known for. Subtle tweaks and minor updates were the orders of the day. Now, as the calendar ticks over to the first full year of having these Rolexes in the catalog, I’m taking my first look at the brand new best fake Rolex Submariner Date 126613LN watch.

41MM Replica Rolex Submariner Date 126613LN Dive Watch

I got the chance to see this one in the metal recently. I’ve been mulling over it ever since. Cards on the table: I’ve never been a huge fan of the modern Submariner. Pretty much everything after the addition of crown guards leaves me a bit cold. Do I appreciate the design? Of course. Do I acknowledge that it is perhaps the icon of icons? Yeah, I mean, I’m a little bit tapped in the head but I’m not completely insane. I know a classic when I see one. I just don’t feel the need to own every classic I see…

My exposure to the high-quality replica Rolex Submariner in real-life intensified after I began working as a watchmaker. That was more than ten years ago but not too long after the release the maxi case. Those beefier models were doing the rounds in my early days at the bench. To be clear: I’m not sorry to see the Maxi case go. It was, in my opinion, the worst and most block-headed, mainstream-pandering era of the brand. I’m probably in the minority on that front, but that’s okay. I have a smaller than average wrist and a proclivity for sporty watches of a more demure diameter. I also hate fat lugs. As such, the Maxi era was not for me.

Black Dial Fake Rolex Submariner Date 126613LN Dive Watch
A bigger diameter but a svelter watch

The new lugs on the Rolex Submariners from 2020 are a brilliant update. The silhouette takes on a far more refined appearance because of them. It was exactly what the watch needed. And, as much as I would have liked to see a reduction in diameter instead of the 1mm increase we were given, the 41mm with is palatable simply because of the new, svelter outline.

There have been very few better mainstream examples in recent memory that clearly express the nuances of watch design. To non-watch folk, a watch case is a watch case. Many imagine they just exist. They apply the same level of importance to their design as they would a broom handle (yes, I know that somewhere on the internet someone on a broom handle aficionados’ blog is screaming into his or her cornflakes — apologies). We, however, do not. It should go without saying that every element of a case is connected and that any change to any element has consequences elsewhere. Rarely, however, is it so clearly seen from a brand as visible as Rolex.

Swiss Movement Fake Rolex Submariner Date 126613LN Dive Watch
All mod-cons

The new Rolex Submariner Date 126613LN represents the coronet’s finest entrant in the Submariner line yet. Is it my favorite? Of course not. To find the apple of my eye, one must journey back to the late fifties in search of a “big crown” 6538. However, in this modern line-up, it is right up there.

Bicolor watches rarely do it for me when we’re talking about other brands, but there is something so alluring, something so splendid about Rolesor. Maybe it is the subtle difference between the way 316L and 904L steel look next to gold? Maybe it is the quality of Rolex’s gold itself? Perhaps it comes down to machining, finish, or just pure design. Whatever it is, the Crown, above all other brands, in my opinion, gets the most out of this fusion and manages to turn my head toward watches I would seldom consider from other marques, time and time again.

Reference 126613LN is 41mm wide and crafted from 904L steel and 18-karat yellow gold. The black bezel insert of this model is ceramic with recessed golden numbers. The “traditional” cyclops lens magnifies the date ×2.5. I’ve always thought the Submariner could do without the date (perhaps save it for the saturation diving capable Sea-Dweller). I wish Rolex did more subs without a date instead of just one. The black/black set-up of the no-date Sub just bores me to tears. Seeing this yellow Rolesor model with a cleaner visage (or, better still, the white gold reference 126619LB) would be a real treat.

Black Bezel Fake Rolex Submariner Date 126613LN Dive Watch
A fair price?

At €13,400 this cannot be described as an entry-level Rolex. For my money, I would choose a Root Beer GMT-Master II over the 126613LN for €450 more. That’s a small premium to pay for the GMT complication and, to my eye, a more striking colorway.

However, for traditionalists or genuine dive enthusiasts that wish to use this watch in the water, the Submariner Date 126613LN is certainly a capable tool. It costs what it costs and while I think it is a lot, you’d be thanking your lucky stars if that were all you had to pay to make one of these unicorns.

Fake Rolex Submariner Date 126613LN Dive Watch For Men
An awesome bracelet and clasp

The Oyster bracelet features an Oysterlock clasp, with the quite frankly awesome glidelock system. Glidelock clasps are significantly longer than regular Oysterlock or Oyster Clasp clasps, so I would advise those of you with slimmer wrists (sub 17cm) to try it on first and really think about whether that long bar of steel/gold on the underside of your wrist is going to annoy you.

However, should you find it comfortable enough, I can do nothing but commend its build quality. I really do rate the glidelock alongside the Tudor Pelagos and the Omega Ploprof buckles as the very best the industry has to offer.

In summary, I think the new Rolex Submariner range is a great step in the right direction. What I really want to know, though, is whether we’re going to see this new case middle pop-up elsewhere in the professional ranges? Will we see a 41mm GMT-Master II in the near future? As I said before, I’m against inflating the diameters but do wonder what my beloved Root Beer would look like with skinny lugs (stick it on a Rolesor jubilee and we might be talking perfection).

Will we see this new case on an Explorer II (or III), perhaps? The Explorer II’s expansion from 40mm to 42mm still pains me. Maybe some good can come of this 41mm if it were deployed as the savior of an otherwise overlooked family. Please let us know in the comments below what you think the future holds for Rolex in light of 2020’s new releases. Learn more about Rolex here.

Our Favorite Vintage Rolex Replica Watches Of High Quality UK Of 2020

As each year comes to an end, you might find yourself looking back on the last 365 days. The typical ritual may consist of reminiscing about your favorite moments or what you want to carry with you into the next year. Yet in 2020, it can be challenging to reflect on the year with that same fondness. This year in particular, many of us can’t wait for the stroke of midnight to usher in a new year, eager to put 2020 in the past and never look back. Despite all its challenges, there’s still something useful in a moment of pause to remember the good things – there were some, even if few and far between.
1966 Rolex Cosmograph ‘Big’ Daytona Ref. 6239

My love for the black dial fake Rolex Daytona Ref. 6239 is well documented, and this example sold by our vintage Shop earlier this year was a standout for me. The thing with a 6239 is that it really feels old. Screw down Daytonas, with the exception of the 6240 and the very earliest 6263s with MK0 pushers, feel so much more contemporary than the 6239s. It’s a bit like the short-wheelbase Porsche 911, which lasted only through 1968. Similar to the pump pusher Daytonas, these early examples are arguably less collectible and maybe not even as good at what they do as the later models, but they have so much more to say, and they say it in a way that I just adore.
This particular example was an original owner watch that featured the desirable 300 bezel and ‘Big’ Daytona dial – one you might find on a 6240. The steel case Rolex Daytona replica watch came from an American family and it, of course, features the “ROW” hallmark on the caliber. Watches like this might seem common, but they’re really not, at least in honest condition like this one. Frankly, I wish we had this one back.
1969 Rolex ‘Red’ Submariner Ref. 1680 With Mark I Dial

The stainless steel case fake Rolex “Red” Submariner ref. 1680 would be my one watch collection choice, a decision I hope never to have to make, but if I did, I know my answer. To me, the 1680 is nearly a perfect watch, with all the right stuff in all the right places. It has a good sized case, not too big or small. It has time and date complications, which is all one really needs (at least for me). And it has just the right amount of vintage charm and specialness that would keep me satisfied. That little line of red text, the top hat crystal, and the large lume plots all come together so nicely. I’ve said this before and I’m sure this won’t be the last time I ramble on about it, but I’m a Submariner guy through and through.
Looking back at this year, I realized we had a lot of cheap fake watches come through the Shop. We were fortunate enough to offer some great examples of the 1680 Submariner with red or all-white text, but when thinking back, this one really sticks out. It’s one of the most recent “Red” Submariners we listed, with the “Mark I” meters-first dial in overall killer condition. This watch comes to mind for a few reasons when reviewing all the watches we sold this year. The case, patina, and detail that distinguishes it, the “Mark I” dial – it just gets my heart racing. I’ve seen my share of copy Red Submariners, but this is one of the few I’ve handled with this specific dial variant. Honestly, I’m not sure when I’ll see another. It was great to spend time with it and really sink my teeth into the little details, like the interesting font choice Rolex used for the depth rating. One of the great things about working with these awesome little objects is that you really can learn or see something new every day. It may sound cliché, but it’s really true.

The Cheap UK Fake Rolex Submariner In 2020: What’s Actually Changed?

Rolex replica had everyone on the edge of their seats this September when the brand released a thoroughly revamped lineup of Submariners. While many of the “Introducing” and “Hands-on” headlines were solely focused on the new colorways and slightly upsized proportions of the iconic tool watch, numerous changes and upgrades were hiding in plain sight.

Thanks to the team at Rolex USA, Watchonista was able to experience some quality time with a selection of pieces from the new Submariner 41mm collection. We were provided with three examples, the stainless steel case fake Rolex Submariner ref. 124060 (Oystersteel) no-date, the steel-case with green bezel Submariner date ref. 126610LV, and finally, the Submariner date in white gold with blue bezel ref. 126619LB.
Case Size Changes
One of the key talking points in the updated Submariner collection is its case size. When Rolex first released its Cerachrome (ceramic) bezel Submariner in 2010, the ref. 116610 Submariner Date, the brand kept the 40mm case size of its predecessor, the ref. 16610 Submariner. This trend continued with the 114060 no-date variant, released in 2012.
For 2020, Rolex has taken the entire Submariner collection and upsized it ever so slightly to 41mm. And while this marginal increase in size isn’t groundbreaking, it does go a long way in improving the Swiss automatic movement replica Rolex Submariner design and comfort. Why is that, you say?
It’s All About The Lugs
The previous iterations of the ref. 116610 and ref. 114060 models both featured Rolex’s “maxi” style case with broad lugs and a robust tool-watch feel. With the 2020 versions, Rolex has chosen to focus many of its design improvements on the lugs to increase wearability.
And though the steel bracelet replica Rolex Submariner may have gone up in size by 1mm, the lugs have been slimmed down by almost the same amount. Based on our measurements, these slimmer lugs account for a 0.8 decrease in overall length. They are essentially going from 27.5mm in length to 26.7mm. Furthermore, Rolex has added extra tapering to the lugs, which lends itself to a more comfortable fit on various wrist sizes.

Recommendation Of Elaborate Replica Rolex Submariner 116613 Watches UK

The 40 mm fake watches have black dials.

Submariner is the diving watch series of Rolex, which is designed for exploring the deep. In the following, let’s see the splendid watches fake Rolex Submariner 116613. With advanced materials and techniques, the fine watches can guarantee water resistance to 300 meters.

The 40 mm fake watches have black dials.
40 MM Replica Rolex Submariner 116613 Watches

In 40 mm, the well-designed copy watches are made from polished Oystersteel and 18ct gold. The collocation of Oystersteel and 18ct gold is harmonious, wonderful and welcome.

The 40 mm fake watches have black dials.
Black Dials Fake Rolex Submariner 116613 Watches

Besides, perfect replica Rolex watches have black dials with remarkable hour marks and hands and date windows. Together, they have black ceramic bezels with 60-minute scales. These hour marks include 8 diamond hour marks that add charm to the water resistant watches.

Why Are Green Dials Fake Rolex Submariner 116610LV Watches UK So Salable?

When it comes to Rolex, green dial Submariner 116610LV must be mentioned, which is the most salable edition of Rolex. Why so many people choose the Oystersteel copy watches?

The sturdy replica watches are made from Oystersteel.
Sturdy Replica Rolex Submariner 116610LV Watches

First, the perfect replica watches are the model of sturdy and durable Rolex watches. Though they are made from Oystersteel rather than gold, they belong to the best steel (904L steel) that is widely used in high technique, aircraft industry and chemical industry.

The Oystersteel fake watches are water resistant.
Water Resistant Fake Rolex Submariner 116610LV Watches

Second, the well-designed watches fake Rolex Submariner 116610LV belong to superb diving watches, which can guarantee water resistance to 300 meters (1,000 feet).

The green dials fake watches are expensive.
Expensive Fake Rolex Submariner 116610LV Watches

Third, the advanced watches copy Rolex have become the symbol of status and taste. Many famous or rich people have bought this edition and more and more people also want to possess this edition. The green dials and green bezels make the watches easy to identify.

Three Replica Rolex Watches UK In Hot

Rolex does not design complex watches. With well-known fame, simple designed and reliable performances, this world top watch brand is welcome among watch fans. In the following, I’d like to share you three popular watches fake Rolex.

The water resistant copy watches have green dials.
Water Resistant Copy Rolex Submariner 116610LV Watches
  • Green Dials Copy Rolex Submariner 116610LV Watches

Submariner is extraordinary diving watches that is designed for exploring the ocean. The watches can guarantee water resistance to 1,000 feet. However, because of its eye-catching green dial, this edition also attract many non-divers.

The black dials fake watches are made from Oystersteel.
Oystersteel Fake Rolex GMT-Master II 126710BLRO Watches
  • Black Dials Replica Rolex GMT-Master II 126710 Watches

With famous GMT function, this series is welcome among global travellers, which can help the wearers have better controls of the time. What’s more, this edition has exquisite blue and red ceramic bezel that is beautiful and attractive.

The 42 mm replica watches have blue dials.
42 MM Replica Rolex Sky-Dweller 326934 Watches
  • Blue Dials Fake Rolex Sky-Dweller 326934 Watches

With dual time zone display on the dial, Sky-Dweller is also welcome among global travellers. Made from Oystersteel and white gold, the 42 mm watches with blue dials are sturdy, durable and charming. It is the same edition with the brand ambassador Roger Federer.